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y time that we do get to share with you and hearing that we have fallen in love the we won every one of our friends out there we hope you can order one pair, i do promise you the biggest, best value in the world on a gorgeous herkimer6 c1 [♪ music ♪] >>host: up tank can you see why then decide myself this is a would be on my gosh but these are sets 79 would be incredible, 69 would be falloff chair. these are $49 and they are all sterling silver. can you believe that? for one of wrist nothing compares to a herkimer3 anything else you
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have in the jewelry box these are mined in america and made in america.these are hsn excludes so, they sparkle and the reason why they are nickname is herkimer diamond but its herkimer quartz. there nicknamed herkimer diamond because the way sparkle and the fire and light you get from the stones. >>guest: you've seen before ladies'. >>host: they are very and very rare and a holy moly two dozen pairs are gone. >>guest: ladies' at this time something i have had responses i have been so excited because people have opened a box of herkimer and gassed. the tv is not doing them just as even though the tv is phenomenal in person they carry this mystical sparkle i can't even explain it. >>host: these
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hearings we did have them at one time but they sold out literally in 30 seconds. beijing gear reviewed on hsn neck, and wordperfect 5 starlet 24 reduce and 23 of work perfect 5 out of 5 stars. >>guest: the thing is you do not feel and i mean this at you do not feel them and and this time around we included the stoppers employees use them because they will fallout. my mom almost lost one. >>host: you get backs with these and you know what's funny i will be honest i have never used a backer stopper because i never had an issue. you do back set so use them as a little security they
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will come along on the hearings we get them at home. >>guest: please do use them i will fill sunset if you lost a pair. >>host: that is what is letter is in the back is as long as the front it is not skimpy post is all made a sterling silver. these are all calibrated andabsolutely utter perfection. look and how they sparkle and alain measures and 9 16 in. in length so they're a little bit more than 1 in. long they are a great lengths. >>guest: what happened was we this iran together it was on the table and it was ok at bottom is really pretty but when13 put it on somebody in my studios and if frame interfaces because
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of natural are to report in the silver i did a happy dance. >>host: that is just an excellent point, when you see them on the year (...) and i was working with joy mangano she on icon stops staring at her because there were so flattering and the way they curved towards her face. if you are looking gifts by the way this is the quintessential gift to give. these are flying by the way i would get a pair now with 5000 gone already they are disappearing fast and to your $25 on flex payments people are purchasing multiples of these. i would like to give these to all my sisters because this will not happen again this is it. >>guest: we had his stock of our amateur for this. >>host: - shocked for under $50 is the best herkimer value we ever seen but the
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most important thing is the ageless earing and its gift- giving season and it is something she doesn't have. think about heavy shoppers as yet? my three sisters i believe every one of them would not just like it but they would love it. and i have chris seat who is 25 years old and here is the middle edition now she's getting married this is her bridal in her engagement dinner. they're so cute their andr middle 20s and all the girls were obsessed with their earings and here and are we were not in our 20s and we love them. you saw the girls they are at a bridal party so they loved it and bridesmaids' this is the actual superb a
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bridesmaids gaffed. >>guest: and you can wear these with anything the match with any of your bridesmaid dresses because they're clear. >>host: elite glow when you have them on and i have been wearing them with everything which might jeans or one and dressed up. i wear them out to a party or when i am out in at dinner.-- at dinner. these hearings will not sit at your box there something classy about them and does something to your face because they're very slimming for your face. there are under $50 and with
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$25 flex payment you can get these home.the reviews every single review of 24 reviews are perfect 5 stars and that says a lot when that many women can agree. a good chunk of the day supply gone for the day and i would make my way to a phone and see them for myself because you know when you purchase things here if have a return policy which we have extended for 90 days. this is herkimer new york so you are employing great americans who mind and calibrate the stones. they have also made all the silver work and it is done by hand here in america. >>guest: under present are some delay is here in america and there's so much quantity we
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have teams all over the country because we have the right for you. but weou the best we only work with the best teams to assemble my designs and where working with the her amount mainz to give you% of the best material available. >>host: depth partnersb partners with the best vendors and we have women all over the world they want the arenerstones we are talking of people in countries like quillback wordthat herkimer quartz. >>guest: renee is super fashionable as a this is been a real great project to work with the
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owner of herkimerc13 ownerof the herkimer quartz mine. >>host: these stones date 5 million years old and that's why we talk about them they are fascinating and when you read herkimer and the legend in their referred to as greenstones there is really neat lore attached to them. this is how they grow in ancient stones and inside this shows there thesecavities and herkimer force actually inside the cavities in the stones. it is the most amazing thing when you see how they grow and how they form an you
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could see the way when they come there are ready for don with the this is more than a pretty smart elise stone it is a piece of and history. people are oliver of the world are fascinated by herkimer quartz. >>guest: i love the natural stone like colleen chip shows you in this jumbo we can use all of the natural stone all the time is not always perfect.more we use for example the today's special we are only hundred% quality material to get that and we have to calibrate this down and taken the best part not6 c13 hunter% perfect stunning use it. >>host: this is a a 88 quality rough week are not talking about seeing
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conclusions in the stones there perfect to the hype and that is what is interesting those towns. can you a magic of these are diamonds and that caliber and the whole look is just an and women love it because it something that chic and exciting way to wear diamonds.why not wear herkimer's? >>guest: that's how i found the herkimer's and what they were because i came across this name ask another friend who jewelry and i asked her if she ever heard of it and she said what is if i started to investigate and that is when i found this national treasure that i did not know anything about and it is taken this for this fabulous journey. >>host: we 9000 already spoken for and if you want a pair before you go to sleep tonight making reflects payment and let us send you a least one pair so you can at
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least experienced a special and beautiful they are. really are beautiful and exciting and i love just those and the history and attaches stones faux and started reading about herkimer3 quartz there are considered the to beat the most powerful crystals. you will be blown away when you read the history nicknamed spirit stones and dream stones. they're incredible in terms of how beautiful exciting and how powerful allure is behind them.most importantly you get to own something that sparkles like crazy and it is comfortable to wear and is really a smart investment for your wardrobe. if you can see how pretty they are and you feel pretty when you have them on. >>guest: they're so close to your skin and your hair and it is almost like a diamond you can clean them and with dish soap and hot water and sparkle sparkle. you are not
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born to damage the stones there's good as diamonds. >>host: i use sparkle sparkle the very hearty and easy to claim but dabs point just like diamonds or anything else you do want to clean them and wipe them off. i like to wipe and put them before i put them away amateur what i do is what i keep my cloth i them near my urine box i wipe them really quickly and pop balm back in my urine box. they really stay looking beautiful! and my jewelry box. keep on looking sparkling. >>guest: transcend any age
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the age of when like us. hide them from your daughters unless you are buying them a pair. >>host: by the way we have 10,000 pairs, while they have already been spoken at away ladies'. we are going to phones and your earrings are here we have a big chunk and we thought we brought on/off. the last time we did the herkimer they went so fast we tried to have enough this time but it is like going to happen if so i would invite everybody to get a pair now if you can't we have lined up from whomp if she just order to a special we have lint up from balm from quguam.
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>>caller: % remember me colleen i calld u.s. made was i really calling from balmyou remember usb @ buy was really calling guam. i am really happy about this and i just wanted to wish you a merry christmas >>guest: all of this stuff as corn
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to work with and especially that of their purchase you purchased that nuggetd you have a blessed christmas. >>caller: u2 and you both look beautiful. >>host: we appreciate the call linda and say allgu guam. >>guest: thisvglovstiletto hearing is just right a great matching piece to go along with at nugget necklace and we saw back in march. >>host: i would say
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use express ordering off if you are calling now of all the guys watching this to be a great gift for her.there herkimer quartz and diamonds their nickname diamonds but i will tell if you google and even read all about >>guest: that there herkimer diamonds. >>host: we have a rain in arizona joining us, hello the ring how're you doing? >>caller: lorraine i love these hearings. >>host: aren't they fabulous? an will these be your first herkimer >>caller: a and i sell jewelry for a living and i do not sell those. these are wonderful. >>host: hurt very hard to come by.
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>>guest: i take that as a complement loraine if use of jewelry for a living i feel very honored thank you. >>caller: can't wait to get these i told myself the next purchase has to be a herkimer purchase as i have all types of exotic and not this. >>host: good girl, this is very irresistible i am glad you order them they are on their way to arizona. >>caller: glad i stayed up late and was ready to go go to bed and i am happy i stayed up. >>host: you have a terrific loraine action remembered this call she edges as jewelry for a living. you cannot buy c13 this price range they are unheard of in what's happening here today. if you are on fall and
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stay there if we see you and will continue to take all your phone calls and we thank you so much. we are so thrilled. >>guest: there is not a single piece ofareer jewelry that we do for that value. it is too difficult. >>host: couple things to watch you know about we have matching pieces such as tennis bracelet it is absolutely gorgeous and the closer we get the more amazing and looks. look at how it sparkles. >>guest: if you get these necklaces earrings at home you'll notice a cut on these are so unique they're not perfect their machine cut and hancock but there of 5 to one that looks very organic because they are. >>host: not sure how many will find out if you want to long as gorgeous bracelet i am astonished last time we showed it and if you are like me many of us were not able to get these because there were gone and i am
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few hours. if you want the bracelet you might want to jump and their there are 600 who are purchasing the bracelet. if you want to necklace it is positively gorgeous you just pick up blank. the lights in the studio we have to come really close because they've sparkle and looks like it is on fire. this my friend is 16 in. necklace and they sell for this is such aarge die you to get a value at this price. 6 c13 get an extender that is 2 in. in length. >>guest: this
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reminds me of a top quality diamond necklace. >>host: while supplies last use express ordering and what's nice about this necklace is remembered it has a 2 in. extender and which will increase the necklace another 18 in.. >>guest: when you get these tom ladies' we have specifically designed these these are flat stones so when you look at them from the front all you see is the sparkle, but to get that right and maker around the neck we had to leave a little bit of a soft flex wire and there's a little bit of slack there by design. >>host: are there by design. >>guest: many people will ask me why is there a space on the necklace but it is there because if we did not leave it there and you try to bended it won't bend correctly or at all. when you get
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these home expect there to be that space on the necklace that way they will try perfectly. >>host: you'll expect to see them draped with that space so if you are looking bring absolutely stunning new necklace and you do not have one of her necklace is jack and again there is a 16 18 in. or 24 in. and theirs are ready to hundred and 40 people will ordered it please do not hesitate if you want to order it is so gorgeous. this is 24 in. and i love the land and i can wear this lumbar and drop it to about down further because i have another 2 in. supply with with the extender.
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you ladies wanted longer and i am so glad i requested it because we have to do lumbar when it is so nice that have and it is absurd obviouslwanted to have the option to wear longer. >>guest: i am yenisei i do not thinkare gonna be during that one again colleen's just tune no, i am thinking this is going to be a limited edition. >>host: to 24 in. and you plan on owning and do flexplay mat and irt on the 18 in. and i wanted to launder one coz i wanted to layer them as they look so pretty. i love to layered the
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necklace is so if you have before today's special witches be 16 in. and you can get the 24 in. to wear them. the herkimer quartz with identical to the rough cut diamonds. v>>guest: this is a fabulous piece a lawyer with the diamonds. >>host: this rissole many thousands of dollars if there are the diamonds. >>guest: anything close to the senate cleared diamond it would be a fortune epstein and in the champagne,silver but i have never seen it in this clear sparkle diamond. this is so
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organic en and looks like a diamond. >>host: this is absolutely beautiful, if you are tempted this is the 24 in. and we do have the 18 in. available is the fast breaking today's special record necklace.wavy >>guest: is i do hope you get whole of the acer and get them before christmas. that because in a few days you can wear these it to christmas parties.3 this would be great to wear for christmas parties done today? >>host: the insider-trading and icicles. >>guest: can wear this with dress for your christmas party these hearings will match. >>host: also available we have a
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big chunk ofherkimer and are ranked it is a beautiful solitaire ring and look at the size of this town is only $119. >>guest: i am blown away that is astonishing the price. a version of what we do custom in our studio and you will not get this anywhere else ever.% this is just as close to a hand made peace in our studio for so much more and it is of course a larger stunner studio. this town is close to 15 carats. >>host: is the $119.90 and four flex pay net of $29.98. we are ready have a big chunk of half of our all day supply it was abuzz last i and i would just love and get the today's special
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hearings because they are so popular and we will share more beautiful herkimer's with you and we have spent many pretty things with you stay there and lancome is launching to a special year is a sneak peek. [commercial]
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[reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: having and thank you for sharing night with us and staying up with debt and me. this is a big night is a kickoff to our designer gallery of that and were having a blast and so many of you over 13,000
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people hat border today's special. what have >>guest: this is a hunk of drusy that comes right of the pocket and this is the lining of her diamonds are born and the richer the color of the de better quality of the stone in the pocket. to deny that? >>host: wow, i do know that. >>guest: ever saw in this entire collection is coming out ofbest pockets of the richest drusy in the mines. we have good stuff. >>host:also, i wanted to see this beautiful necklace it is a 20 stone necklace i have been blaring id with their today's special it is so much fun work those of you who be 18 in. this is beautiful to layer
12:30 am
with that 18 in. blank. >>guest: that is it good basic. >>host: it is classic its little diamonds stationed at its perfect. >>guest: this perfect is an everyday peace ladies'. this kind abuse my daughter would wear and his young to mature sure we say >>host: we have coming up now we have been asking you to do a big perk a more meyer 3 >>guest: will buried there are a hundred percent on touch and someone said these are great how did they create these handmade?
12:31 am
they do not and we needed to keep these uniformed. >>host: the her mire quartz comes out of the ground like at and they are not all alike that's what makes them fascinating and so interesting. they're eachathere a god given guess. >>guest: have two of these on at once and see how different they are because one is a little bit lighter because it has a intrusions and it and the other a hundred percent clear. i love the character of the two differentc13 together. we have done everything we could assert that out ladies'. these are all clear and
12:32 am
all perfect. you are going to find a little imperfections and a little bit edges that are worn but that happens when they develop in the pockets and we do not change any of it. >>host: away this is the first time deb has ever done in gold for remain gold vermimtone. >>host: she
12:33 am
originally said no she inclined to do this but it is a huge undertaking to do hundreds of everyone is an original and every setting has to be custom-made to get this out. again this is what makes it so unique and by the way the silver is for so we only have the goldtone available and i would do it. >>guest: i always liked to wear my herkimer's and if you purchase a necklace that was our today'sc13 march you can wear either the silver or gold with that.i found myself because there's no medal in the front it is a hundred percent flexible and i found myself wanting to wear gold. i wanted a goldtone herkimer ring and therefore created. >>host: have been wearing earrings to gold and silver because you do not see any of the metal ec to sparkle. i would totally wear them together with the gold or just looks
12:34 am
gorgeous together. >>guest: and let the children tonight i am mixing my medals more and more. i love it is a sheet and its and and it is because you ladies we can pull off so why not. my wedding ring has been gold and i have always been designing silver and wearing it. i love wearing my wedding ring so i am constantly mixing with the silver. >>host: anyway if you want to gold6 c13 fo mdtone and hold on the fall and if you are ordering while it is still there. >>guest: some will grab your hand and ask you what is that? because it does look like a diamondze it is 15
12:35 am
carrots but it set a diamond is a herkimer but it looks like natural organic diamond. and that is what we wanted to achieve. >>host: is they earned the nickname and now we move along and we should do when this be a great guest. this- is 20 stone necklace and in reminds you of diamond by the yard. this is completely made by hand it is all sterling silver with a nice extenders' you to wear shorter or longer. if the link goesto 19 1/4 inches so we love that and it looks so great if you have one of tennis necklaces' this is what i do i love to wear two together and i'd love to wear my long draw.this looks so great and it really does. >>guest: i love your latest to do because this is not what i like to do the elements work together with a natural and a
12:36 am
calibrated hearings and it is all part of the same mindfearearrings it all works the same. v>>host: we have pat from new york and she lives close to the herbert mine. hi pat. >>caller: work a few miles away from the herkimer my mind and i shop for herkimer jewelry and the prices in the shop do not compare to your price value. >>host: i know nobody compare surprised by you. >>guest: work hard to get this price value i am tickled for you. >>caller: i3 actually owned several and i do have a brain that is not 16 ^
12:37 am
but it is probably 12 carats and i purchased it there by the mine. it my jewelry a couple of months to recuperate. >>host: really beautiful and different are they pat? most >>caller: definitely anybody who gets this will be very pleased. >>host: know your love your new earrings to upgrade. >>guest: them and my mom said she wore them of the hearing on our lab. that is why we created the stoppers and i'd like stopper's personally but just to be on the same side your back. >>host: justdance 6 ipad they come with stoppers on the
12:38 am
back so please wear them to sabean suicide. i just wanted to thank you very much we really appreciate the call pat. >>guest: visit ornate at the mine. >>host: their ego and do not hang up if you are ordering the 20 still necklace it is so pretty and perfect. also if you are looking for a way to store do you have a hearing >>guest: have box and black eyeshadow on two of them. >>host:why am i not surprised that is so funny and let me show you that you can 70 pairs of hearings in these and there's 300 quantity left and almost 3000 have been spoken for the common lilac, s. c. phone and the red. >>guest: baseline
12:39 am
out it is a piece of cake and in makes it easy. >>host: refine i were different hearings more often now and it is because i can't find what i am looking for a day make it easier to get sued. you'll love of their only $ coming up next we are in herkimer haven't we are talking about herkimer. these are so it is a pendant that's coin to take your tennis necklace tool whole new place.let me show you wanted time here see and you will say 0 yell. the price is only 9 $9.90. nly i am so
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excited because of this price we do not sell her a rehearings at that price and they usually start at $119 and go up $200 we just do not normally do earings at this price >>guest: moping this is something someone will get really excited about during christmas time. this is so light that you will not notice it is on you and the stone and that is on the piece is made for movement. like
12:41 am
movement and their pieces. >>host: also that little bail is an enhancer it opens up like this and then you just reach over and locked this down eight and locks in place and there it is you can put this on the tennis necklace. look how beautiful. >>guest: wanted one that was just right size to go over rondels but not beat a piece on crossover that that's all you saw would show a chunk of metal. this is what i have done and i am sure it doesn't work with the
12:42 am
charm bracelet i couldn't tell because i did this without a mirror.i put it on along neck and it hits in that sweet spot.i put it on3 herkimer strand and this piece works really well there. >>host: you have it down atin. and it looks incredible work or define if there any necklaces that might actually be gone. few 1 order these you choose whether the silvertone or the gold town it is item number 217-531 and good luck. also, i want to catch you up on those tennis necklaces and what is still remaining. first of all there is the 24 in. and i could drop this to about here because i did not use the full
12:43 am
extender on it because i wanted to get this part of the dress. >>guest: few purchase the earings just one teardrop from previous show it is not identical piece coin to be a perfect complement which i am very big on. >>host: one more thing to 16 in. 400 spoken for and there are a couple hundred of laughed at that is it if you would like to and these were supposed to last for the day. if you want this necklace guys this is gorgeous the price is only $189.90. this and make get longer and you can get that look you were looking for. i am going to tell you these are like potato chips you cannot just e one you are going to keep wanting to
12:44 am
and add more. >>guest: i tend to use one to many pieces of georgia before i go out. >>host: know you? >>guest: i do notithies they speak quiet lee linked. thesedawn and we created them in sort john n. goldtone nothing they have tons of movement and while power. >>host: sparkle and i have to get these hearings there only $159.90.the chain adds the movement and they're just so cute if you
12:45 am
want this gorgeous earings is 217- 519 and we have so many briefings to share with you if please stay right there we have more per mto share with you. bellezza about what todd english what todd english is coin to be present. [commercial] [reading] [laughter]
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[♪ music ♪] >>host: close to 13,000 people have ordered are today's special in-1 to give a shot up to all our friends and live chat. thanks staying with us tonight we are thrilled that i bet you are sharing and spend the night with us. we our life chatters who love to see hearings in studs. we have joan luanne margie and banks solve our live chat friends we have one life chatham's issues a sparkly and happy
12:47 am
lady. but wait there are those hearings there are close 13,000 and that's a was half of the entire day's gone in-1 presentation if% have a call-i would make my way to a fall. of falsely and miss it while it is here and i am so happy you are up and watching. a littlei promise you it is an gift for anybody or any woman in your life that you have not shopped for. this is something she does not have. >>guest: zebra did a very good today special many people fall asleep and it went and i thrilled if you got it but i hate to if you missed out on the deal.i hate to hear tearful phone calls received. >>host: have of to- stoppera showstopper it is
12:48 am
coming up is number 099-832.are ready chivas fabulous earing and has three of the natural 3 blank herkimer drop earrings they have 19 points. this is one of the things that make this sound incredibly and diamond so, out of the ground already cut and fastened it. someone >>guest: sid get them into shape? we do nothing is a god- given gift and we have a fabulous little natural wonder. how >>host: greatest in america it is an
12:49 am
hiker county new york. dan bikerherkimer county, new york. we have fewer than a hundred left in these hearings bear absolutely fabulous they have style and are very modern. they look like you-i expect you to wear an earring like best. v>>guest: has movement and a linear look and that is a linear look with a natural stone at the bottom. what about that is that its young andold, again. if shine and hard are crispy beautiful young. >>host: crystal 8
12:50 am
is my assistant who is over and the live chat and we will show you a brighter picture for. ithis as a pitcher of the wedding party and christy is my assistant for my live chat she is the second on a left and she is so beautiful. c13 >>guest: abideevery bride gets there bridesmaid against this would be beautiful >>host: at peggy and ohio and hello peggy? >>guest: is my home state and where you from an oil lamp?
12:51 am
>>host: i am from paul ohio and i absolutely know you i have several3 pieces of a disorder during and hearings and i love it. i am always look deeper unique pieces at affordable prices and i can't wait to get it. penny >>guest: i am from pell and and so have been here from you. if so you have several herkimer i have some >>caller: - and i love them all i am so excited because i happen to heard from mirer pieceherkimer mirepieces
12:52 am
if you are flying all ages 1 to take that piece with you i will get it sooner. thank you. >>guest: sustained up with us baggie she is from my hometown. >>host: it is a small world these hearings have now sold out. our bet your of the dates available and the bracelets and gorgeous slipped one of these off. we did not show be a dance you can make the bracelets lumbar you have some place here and do not you love it? we have had 800 people who have already ordered the bracelet so if you have not called for your bracelet i recall what we still have them here. this
12:53 am
is a gorgeous breeze lead and many of us completely missed it last time it went so fast.these match our necklace so if you miss dawn on themout on them and you would like to order them do so now. is 169- 957 if you would like to get a head start because there is a presentation scheduled next hour. have 847 of you have already ordered these beautiful tennis presencebracelets. >>guest: the earrings are much larger than the necklace it will make up your statement onerous.
12:54 am
>>host: a stunning bracelet but we are scooting right along here and coming up next we an 18 in. and have necklace at it is this blank right here it is a number one most popular lamp. this is my own necklace i love it and you've seen where with clearing up with the 24 in. blank. if you would like to own gorgeous necklace is $219.90. i have seen in the real- world herkimer tennis necklaces and their $500 m +. >>guest: men if you are looking to purchase i necklace that is a blank if you go with 18 and a half inches it splits the difference and it is to save this link to give your lady. >>host: most popular selling land is the 18 in. and because it has an extender you can
12:55 am
extended to a 20 in. or 19 in. you can custom fit this and it is gorgeous and all the matching pieces. if you want this president looks bad as what the hearings. bracelet in luxe fabulous with a matching pieces. tlooks fabulous with matching pieces. >>guest: i must say never say because i love this blank of 25th 4 ainge and has the perfect dangle right where it should is perfect length. perfect >>host: lank i
12:56 am
love that. >>guest: colleen u.n. it is a perfectly i will never butt heads with you again. >>host: scooting right along here and 16 in. 10 as prison is also available they are all the same but they are different lengths that is all that you were choosing. >>guest: and read the same exact size astound but if you wanna wear a layered looks like you have of wrap necklace and you are wrapped in diamonds. if you wear 3 of the necklaces you can literally stagger them to fit perfectly where it looks like you a rapid three times around your neck. >>host: number 217-397 if you like that necklace ever the girlfriends and our west coast you might be tuning in so you may not have
12:57 am
seen this yet and that is right. i am so excited that you are here and for anybody who is not heard the news we have the most spectacular today's special brought to us by deb we have a big designer gallery gift footbed if you haven't and that next year ready is our another look at our best buy of the day. [♪ music ♪] ok we absolute lumbar today's special and that is what arched is special is all about that is a hearing that is close to perfection that we can get to herkimer aid is not only a perfect customer pick but it we had a
12:58 am
perfect 5 start and we are talking matzos centers so where and more rare than anything else including diamonds. diamonds are mined and different parts of the world. but it is to be in herkimer county, n.y. it is a natural treasure this is the only buys a can be found. it is unique and unusual they daypack of 2 500 million years and look at the breathtaking sparkle. by the way not all herkimer looks like that that is top grade herkimer calibrated stones.that is equivalent to a flawless and you do not see inclusions and these and all you see aspire and sparkle. 6 c13 >>guest: these
12:59 am
stones of the finest pockets we have been able to recover and it is hard to get the material for you because we wanted to get the best stone spirit >>host: literally go right to the source and the bottom line is you have a one time and one day only offer on these earrings if there is close to to 12,000 every been spoken for at the price $49.90 and i am so flabbergasted we can offer them at this price. the last time we offered these really had a thousand pairs and they sold and a couple of seconds. >>guest: not able to talk about them because there were gone. >>host: to me price $69 is perfect for these such beauty would sterling silver this is a perfect time because
1:00 am
we are thinking of gift-giving. you can't go in any store all around the world and we even had a caller calling in from guaml.. >>guest: hsn is beautiful the teleshopping year and i purchase huggable hangers. if you know anybody who loves sparkly things whether she's a teenager or whether she's not this is a very ageless airing. if it helps you do your christmas shopping at i hope you enjoy. >>host: she will enjoy these and she will gasped when she opens the box and she looks i will tell you they fabulous on tv but they are more spectacular in person. with herkimer you have to experience it in person to get the full effect of how
1:01 am
beautiful they are.vthe remember you are wearing them because they're so light and wonderful. i have seen them all and all of our shows all week and everybody looks so beautiful in these hearings. earrings. it is one of those hearings if you compare them to dinner holiday party and you'll forget3 wearing them. that is what makes these hearings great they are really herbal and personal. if you are looking for guest with by more jewelry and say you get half-price shipping and handling of every additional hearing you choose something right now because you do not have to worry about it.
1:02 am
>>host: >>guest: he went to where it before you do that. and by the way, they really are, is the kind of hearing that if you are new to world of herkimer , people ask about they wonder. i have been wearing that and people say what is that? >>guest: national treasury what you would be wearing it is a great conversation piece and it has a great story and it is a real, true story that is what i love. my favorite kind the jewelry has a story and that is what is fun because someone will grab your if you are eye in somebody's eyes will go to your ears. this will bring a
1:03 am
lot of shots into your face. i am addicted to them. >>host: natural stones will have inclusions but look how crystal clear and gorges they are but they are calibrated. it does have the best in it does have an extra duty and sparkle and what makes this exciting today you have a chance to own something that most women do not have access to. rare, much more rare than any other gemstone because they are mined in herkimer county new york and women in japan go women cash to buy, women all over the world. it is fun when we meet with renee, i met first at the tucson gemstone and people from all over the world are there and
1:04 am
everybody wants her more because they're so fabulous and especially with the popularity today with rough diamonds. they do give off that same essence. and >>guest: about one year to bring the volumes that we needed to get together to create the today's special and to get enough of you to make worthwhile for you.we worked probably close to nine or 10 months on this the plastic or destroy it because this is by hand to not destroy
1:05 am
the pocket perry again >>host: that is renan you can see that we're showing you, they're the quality of these stones. >>guest: is a range of quality when you buy natural herkimer you rarely will find the clarity that we're bringing you perry get is rare. >>host: a pair now before you go to sleep. >>host: little bit of sparkle, this is not over the this was seed see, this would be great. for-$49for-cz this is 500 million years old and you this has a whole story and you are supporting a great american company. this is the herkimer diamond mines. it is in new
1:06 am
york in employee new yorkers saw. it in america the silver work is done in america, it is packaged and shipped in america6 c13 >>host: that a socko really good because you are not getting something just incredibly beautiful but it is here in our own >>host:ard >>guest: love that they can do that the whole thing is very special to me because you hear made in the we want usa been material, very difficult to get fun because of cost of labor, that kind of thing but we did work very hard to make it work for3 you and they can come to you at an affordable price because we cut out the middleman, we work directly with the mine >>host: we havemj lornalakejessica ford 90 said that she'd made her first
1:07 am
part herkimer face book kathy lawrence linda roundup, she says she loves the dress. it isn't--a man of the story here that you are finding something pretty we think of all the things we spend our money on and there is something about rose tones and i think that is, when i first met to decide nicias inspired by the stones she natural beauty of stunts and that is why you are the perfect marriage with herkimer3 you are a girl who loves the idea of wearing a beautiful natural, god-given treasures, this is different. i have lots of sparkle in my jewelry box but this does have a real story. >>guest: there is a time in a place for every of sparkle icahn said in a sort to these stones for hours because i am
1:08 am
fascinated with the natural beauty that comes with natural stone and yet, the sparkle like you get when you fasten the natural sense of what happens in a lot of times the faceted stones are more expensive to get because you have to take a stone that may not be all the way round and just cut out in card away, get the best part of it for the calibrated stones like the hearing. >>host: expressed ordering. do asleep and forget to order. if you have to go to work tomorrow or if you're on one flexible payment, $24.95 and do want everyone to get this event will know you will love them. i read every single one of these reviews. i've read every single one of the refuse, the women were and i will tell as women, for that many women to a and
1:09 am
give it a perfect five star, we know that this is winner we know the track record and >>guest: i cannot think of a negative because my biggest negative will be the way to get this to do not feel. --weight my mom had it mandan her lap and won it to make sure that she did not her hearings and give her stop purse. -- earrings >>host: user express order and we will head back to the telephones we have a pair for you and think of your daughter think of your granddaughter or mother3 girlfriend. >>guest: this is a great mom
1:10 am
>>host: and she happens to be in april girl is a be a great burst known for her and for anyone born in april to have children born in april, how lucky you are to wear this as a mother stone when i look at it, it they seem perfect for now holiday but it is year round and in the middle of summer when it's hot outside, if you will still wear this hearing. earrings >>guest: against sun skin skin, i have a little bit of color and eye against sun kidskin, it pops. i did not have anything on my skin but it just pops. and did
1:11 am
>>guest: my husband is french by marriage. i have no french in may. >>guest: look at me. >>host: lead to nancy if you want your earrings, but your phone i hope you get one pair, many of you are getting at multiples. >>guest: it is a great price point for gift-giving. >>host: let me show you next to a roller, they're perfect, about one- and-a-half--ruler >>guest: % shipping it looked and it is not too much a lot of the ladies want smaller but are, this is the perfect type the median. the >>host: have nancy on and she ordered the today's special and lots of goodies, it is colleen lopez and >>caller: i am so excited tonight, every time you comego
1:12 am
crazy. at 18 in. tennis necklace, the bracelet, a pair of earrings and i ordered the today's special, the ring, the long chain with the accord and the 24 in. the tennis perr and. i refer the order and earrings but i cannot resist the hearings. i love everything that you do. and let me ask you for something. can you possibly be assigned >>guest: we have been talking about how we should come up with a slide that is personal and maybe a pen, why not?--pin >>caller: butterfly or a heart i think that would be beautiful. >>guest: i love your suggestions. and that is what is
1:13 am
fun about talking to you and thank you so much because a lot of times, i may not think outside my box so it is fun to get the input. >>caller: you could wear a pinperry and >>guest: i love these scars, you can throw it right there. >>caller: guest: thank you for the input and >>caller: happy holidays. >>guest: think you for the complement and i do appreciate it. >>host: she normally does fight earrings but if you are going to buy barings, you should buy a earrings, and every time i see her she is very cool pair of earrings and she starts with unerring can i would only say that if you (...) >>guest: i do start with the airing. and
1:14 am
easrring. >>host: if you'd necklaces, anything else, i love the perfect hearing to work back. get this will work with what ever else you decide to pair up with in the only thing, i would with the majority of the spoken for for the day, i would absolutely juppe and get a pair tonight only these will sell out. these would blow out. >>host: and he climbed back there but if you are tempted, this is what i would like you to take the plunge on but if you are thinking of getting someone this as a gift, when the sellout, these will not last the day but we will never do this again. for $49.90. >>guest: there is no this was a taxing, time consuming, undertaking that i
1:15 am
very green and red but it was a blessing to pull this off in time for the holidays at this price point because we can say, this is fun to do this but i know i christmas, i have a budget and what to be able to buy gas for this special people in my world better special and i want something neat and unique and special and not over $100. to be able to bring tea this to you for under $50, i was tickled. i was kind of shock that we are able to do that. >>host: at $49.90, this is a home run.for if you would like parent would like to head back to the funds by use express jumping into night, closing in on close to 15,000 spoken for what a tree, with you with them with their necklace that you already6 c13
1:16 am
what you wear them with what almost do not see the metal when you put these in your ear, all you see a yet they glow. they look so pretty on the year.ear. >>guest:they have a movement and i tend to play with them a little bit by moving my head, i do think that they bring so much it, and a light by face is as we age soft light is the best the sparkle. have you seen these and candlelight? the few days, if you really want to mess riser man, this is the
1:17 am
ensemble to do set with a candle in the middle of the table and that is it that is all you need perry and >>host: their understated the not a knock you over the head hearing and that is why we love it so much. it this happy median. >>host: there is an interview i did an interview with you can read the interview but ito the inspiration the style earing and you will have to tell the ladies what you told us. >>guest: - probably come not unlike many of you if you tell the truth but i have a problem with the issues like stilettos, pointy heels. we wanted to do a simple
1:18 am
and i get lost in the shoe department but i love these sexy of the stiletto heel, we all love wedges, let's are cute but the stiletto is hot. and so this hearing came out of the stilettoed shoe . and really did cover you call me. >>host: i understand. we have or nay on tape and dr. renee [foreign language] >>host: she is the owner of the mine in new york and we had a chance to ask for a few questions about the fascinating sense of terror she had to stay. > this is 500 million years old when the militants
1:19 am
in upstate new york forms of matter really pushed a lot of solid gold salts and water and mud into the mohawk valley and the sox in the water could crystallize into this little pocket and this is a miniature pocket, and what of the things that we try to do away commercially extract is to get a larger, something that might be larger than me > > in the big pockets lined with a drusy where we find crystals are and this and the big pockets. that is what she is talking about.that is one example of how these amazing crystals form. >>guest: how much of that we need to bring you what we are pretty new today. at the piles of rock that we need. >>host: all along with eight people to continue to find these? it is one place in herkimer county. >>host: if you're on the phone
1:20 am
ordering, we will continue to our cause i'm so excited, thank you so much for your calls. we have more goodies in store for you and we will talk to you about the tennis necklaces we also do have a showstopper we save for this never big porches smoky quartz, rose quartz, clear courts, it is a huge holiday pricing on this jury gets this. we will talk about this in a minute. all kinds of other goodies in store for you but you want to find out what is happening in the hsn spotlight. >>host: you can consider yourself and they know what's you check in with hsn spotlight and everyone can knew something new and wonderful for their home and you can find great gets right now on13 you can type in for the home and find everything from
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candles and rose to vacuums and organizational products and who does not want a good deal? you can enjoy free shipping and special pricing on select items right now see you go to to find that perfect gift right now. [commercial] [commercial] [reading] [♪ music ♪]
1:22 am
>>host: we are having a good. and this is the best i can think of our being and making id so special perry ed. >>guest: and mesmerized many things sparkle lake erie-love them. get watching them and a light in your hands. it is a shame that you cannot see if the way i see it, it is gorgeous on tv but in person, it is a gasp. >>host: this this sparkling or you have home as it is in person. this necklace, 267 people have $219.90 this is a holiday price and it is deferred the designer gallery
1:23 am
18 in. which also to have the couple left in the 24 in. and a few left in 16 in. and remember, 18 in. does come with two and six center. it can be and 19 in half..) >>guest: we talked about this in i really would like to retire this and move on to something new and exciting. >>host: in normally do not rate order it anything perry and and and >>host: if you ever plan and on the net, and this is a time. >>guest: i'm ready to retire this and do something different for you so if this is something that you really wanted i hope you get an opportunity to get it. yeah >>host: you have seen me where this many times and i continued to reach for it and this is so easy to wear, i find that i wear it
1:24 am
all year round. >>guest: it works with your other gemstones or works if you do have a diamond stud earrings that you want to, you can throw the necklace pawn. that is the other thing i like. >>host: it looks gorgeous with anything and everything. with all the men watching, what a gift for her. she would think he spent a lot of money. >>host: we normally sell this $279, we have sold this out at $279. >>guest: this is good pricing. registered a day and while supplies last, and if you are looking for a gorgeous herkimer tennis necklace this is it. >>guest: it will take your breath away sparkle. >>host: look at it with the earrings, this is a match made in heaven. catherine in florida ordered
1:25 am
the today's special, hello. >>guest: hulloa katharine perry and >>caller: hello ladies i took your advice and i am staying awake and i am yawning >>host: thank you for holding in perry and >>guest: that we will make it worth your while. >>caller: this is the first time i've ever seen her armor, it is absolutely gorgeous. --herkimer >>caller: it is clean and crisp in a life. that is likely to my face, it will bring you up. -- brighten >>guest:% alive on you, it is a beautiful piece and i hope you enjoy it. >>caller: i am so excited and i was listening to nancy lewis said, i have a collection of pins have been collecting since the '60s but i often wear them as pendants. you
1:26 am
made a pinyou can't do some sort of a bill in the back so people could string get as well >>guest: that is the best way for us to do it. one of the things i know is to give you versatility see you can play. if we did it end game pin,it would have other uses. and i love your input thing to appear again >>caller: is it advisable to do it na gold? >>guest: just said before they show, i do love doing both but we said before the show, we were short sighted, we should have done and will carry an
1:27 am
>>guest: we will have more choices in gold. and >>guest: and not exactly sure when but there is one. >>host: that is tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. puree3 >>host: if we can track it down we will have that show you. >>host: 18 1/2 inches goes actually to 20 and a half inches. you can see and look at how sparkly and beautiful offices. >>guest: we did this in the gold.
1:28 am
this is in gold and if you like it look for an earing and gold that looks like that. >>host: and they 16 18 and a and 24 in less time we checked, it might be sold out. >>guest: my favorite necklace the 24 in.. dong up and will let you know about3 and half-inch, thank you for your orders. it would be fun to have the necklace as well. a couple of goodies still to come we will show you some the full gem pieces including, you will love when you see the values on the strings, $44.90. >>guest: will love the stones these
1:29 am
they're so cool. >>host: this is clearer with a behind it so i gave it a reflective look. smoky quartz rose quartz, and lapis. still to come and i love that the value down from $79.- >>guest: that clear is a whole lot. >>host: highnesses brace that last time and if unisys last time like a lot of vested because it went so fast, it is back and available it is gorgeous, look at this. tennis bracelet. >>guest: the
1:30 am
and light it is amazing. >>host: 1000 people pre order desk. i would get it. this there is an argument, this is one you might wear more than anything you have. layered with bracelets, is beautiful and classes in classic. again, look at the sparkle. it does have extender, you can wear it shorter, lager. is over the tops are cold- blooded is understated. you can be a schoolteacher you could go into a courtroom wearing this and i friends who are attorneys and their very conservative with their jewelry but you could pull the herkimer singer strand necklace on or this phrase it and it is very cool professional and understated. if you
1:31 am
want to take it up a notch, you can't blame arafat. --you can make it work. if >>guest: it will roll under arrest. >>host: --on your wrist. >>guest: i know think of a bracelet is something for yourself because it and hold the steering wheel myself, i have to be careful when i'm driving because i catch myself admiring my ring or my bracelet, it is more for you. the earrings, you do not get to see their earrings, of their people get to enjoy them carry again >>host: i find myself playing with that. it is wonderful and it's also good on the rest. it is an
1:32 am
excellent size. it does come a 1 in. extender it does go from seven and half-eight and half and i will say that is definitely true to size. >>guest: it will cover small, medium, large and i am very small bone but i have no problem we're in it. you can make that big enough that if you were a tall woman, you could pull it off. >>guest: diamond tennis bracelet will get its namechris everett.1976 shows playing in the u.s. open in her diamond bracelet fell off the rest. it started naming it the tennis13 this is the herkimer version of that classic or just come in never goes out of fashion. it is one of the most classic bracelet to you can buy.
1:33 am
>>host: 6 c13 have is nearly as many of these as we brought in as the today's special. >>guest: piece i will say we will probably put pause on because it is a special piece but it does require a lot stunts and i know the necklace is going into retirement and this will be soon behind it. add to like to do new things. >>host: this could happen a today's special.this was gone at this is $20 off for the holiday show. don't know about you but il read like this but i do find myself to wear, i love it all i love big, chunky everyday these are the things i truly scrapped and we're carry and. something that is comfortable to wear and has a
1:34 am
statement but not too much. >>host: as to call into order we have hundreds of people long the phone , 1200 lucky women will be bearing the beautiful place it in it will fit her wrist. >>guest: if you ladies have a blue jeans, i have the genes of right i did dress up in blue jeans i dressed down, if you worry juneteenth bleaching girl eric you are not if you are a casual black slacks what every maybe, this phrase that can take you from cash will take time to dinner and i like that. i do not want to change my jewelry . i want to add something.this >>host: this is what you always wear. they're very busy 169-957. grape to choice and you will love the new price that and also the earrings sold out completely and thinking is so much, those were fabulous
1:35 am
at $159.90 a we also do have a $49.95. >>guest: this necklace, this is a phenomenal and actually, i do have this out of my own collection, this is a cold done in a bronze, it in and take kind of bronze, it is rich looking you could wear this in a variety of ways. >>guest: design as her own law. yet if you like it choker, make a can't get at the very bottom but i do love this is really rich color and each one of these red
1:36 am
jacket they-half 8 window of drusy.that that, you have to get real close to sea but each one of these has we're talking herkimer , with lexmark all but there is the and deep red agate. this is a natural gemstone, i love it. >>guest: it takes in a contemporary cooking gives it a sparkle. >>host: you mix it with smoky sindhis are pearls, calling pearls and smoky quartz compound (...) >>guest: the center drill them and they do add texture to it here again >>host: and then is the natural color of the stone. >>guest: it has card 9 yen in net carry get there is some translucency to the stone. and >>host: with all
1:37 am
kinds of wonderful, exciting great gift of all pieces, this does have a lot of style and it is so personal. >>host: >>guest: >>guest: genuine is great and i get the most excited when i am tickled with a gift of purchase for somebody but did love to have a guest that i am excited about. >>host: i love to show this onlerie it is a long, this is now sold out here again >>host: is coming up, price and you remember last year to give me a pair of these in this is my
1:38 am
christmas airing, this isal about earrings. >>host: hematite and the drop. black onyx original started out with crystal but we did not want to bring you just crystal, we wanted to bring gems the return the crystal into hematite so you are getting the real deal here. >>host: that is coming up. 099-809 and coming up next, we will move along to show you a beautiful gem stones and the lapis sold out
1:39 am
covered think you for your calls, now we have a choice 3 beautiful stones.federal courts which is a double it. >>guest: and has a cool a big, red diamond looked perry and >>host: never rose quartz lush chords. and we do a smoky quartz all sterling silver this 40 per dollars and 90¢. >>guest: a design that with the pearls of silver, the beating on the top and it does just feel like a crown to me and i personally have the and clear and wear them as much as i can appear that i love them. there is a lot of silver and here. >>guest: in this great, i thought that one on and a clear, with the herkimer , i'd wear it all day.
1:40 am
>>guest: it is deeper in color. it is nice. >>host: you pick that the earrings in your getting the bracelet and all of this place together so beautifully. it is a beautiful shape, there is something about a teardrop. >>guest: my engagement ring is a pair, it is special for me. >>guest: love it a pear shape because it a long kate's the thinker. of you to light to bear the point facing you, it sometimes it does just a long face this is very chic loft on the stand for a full swing.ring. >>host: that is the clear there you can see that salary is
1:41 am
wearing the6 c13 which is so pretty, and then by the way she is wearing3 showstopper. those are coming up. and that will be your last chance to see a big chunky smoking necklace and cannot repeat the values. and this ring also. get use express order and if you can and we will love that set, state will talk about the necklaces and bracelets next.the necklace is $109.90 and stay tuned. we do have a full presentation that coming up. we are continuing to take all of your calls on the ring and we do have a time not to take we will be sharing the showstopper and other kinds of goodies and tomorrow night, to say and to then say lancome is watching to launching brand new today's special. [commercial]
1:42 am
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1:43 am
[reading] >>host: we're talking herkimer court today which is a fiery and sparkly and it is fitting that we will talk about two hours of colored diamonds show of the year. fabulous prices redden time for the holiday season and that this take a look good to the best sellers and this is the number one selling colored diamond ring and this is a pick, you can red , blue champagne under $100 and you see the flex
1:44 am
payments. that is for this- mean 2-3:00 a.m.. take advantage of that and also the one to what know the number one selling cross pen, this fabulous opportunity, you can choose in the red for the blue or how about the champagne diamonds as $129 and change, we do hope he will join me, it is the last color the mention of the year, he will not see them again until february but here is a showstopper. in >>host: it is time to show showstopper and this is a showstopper and this is for those of you that when you first started designing jewelry you were inspired and you wanted a or just a statement pieces and you have to say that that is one big statement.
1:45 am
smoky quartz, clear quartz, this is being offered for under $50.70 that sells out, this will not come back.13 for today and just for the big event. and look at this. >>guest: the quality of these since we were able to clear and pristine. get they are gorgeous tons you will be tickled with the passing and them but i think stretch bracelets are fun because there is nothing required, no fingers, no has been hands or anything like that, you can slide it on our side off. >>guest: this is easy. it is a couple together, that is a lot of gem material $109 or
1:46 am
under $50 on the matching bracelet. and >>guest: if you double wrap in a choker, i knew there and they're the clear, for that is christmas party where. >>host: i think the herkimer earrings matches everything is like wearing a diamond just works and if you do love the caller if your favorite race set match in necklace are both of you can roseanne in california ordered the today's special and some of the matching goodies hello. welcome are you ordering herkimer for the first time? >>caller: this is the first time. took
1:47 am
me so long because i am from her former county. >>guest: what a small world. >>caller:it is very pretty, pretty area of parry and >>caller: also bought the 24 in. necklace in the ring that colleen lopez had on. get in there is absolutely gorgeous. was a kid it wasc13 back but we used to coach was called little falls cents. these are gorges these are
1:48 am
just gorgeous and this is just beautiful so i feel very fortunate to be able to get >>guest: in on it is cool because this will mean something special to you, this is a slice of the past. >>guest: that is very cool and i am glad that you join the club. >>caller: thank you for bringing them to hsn . >>host:enjoy your holidays. and thank you for the call in you ladies, that is where i feel like i get my, those kinds of stories and think you for calling in sharing and enjoying what we have fun it to you. we do appreciate it. >>host: look how beautiful, natural grows courts. and >>guest: women and even show how that pink is, it has serious color to it, look at it on the skin.that is a good pink.
1:49 am
>>guest: it is rich cocoa, i don't like my smokey a dark period of like the coca-cola look. >>host: gets too dark looks black. >>guest: the light to pass through it 3 yen >>host: look how beautiful of one of the stones has to be 50 ct or 40 ct. >>guest: probably. >>host: look at the signs of it the size of the stones, their massive then they'll have extenders, you go where short or long if you look like to order is coming 099-832 bracelet, matching3 they're all available our showstopper. and this is the brain that roseanne was talking about and i
1:50 am
wanted to be you have a chance to see this. it is gorgeous. old stone finish and we have all of these sizes. >>guest: i do not do the gold out of the studio effort. there exclusively offering it here. >>host: 4 flexible payments of the 200 fact, hundreds were ordered earlier and if you invite your score mocks the bracelet is still available, very popular more than 1000 people 1400 people have wondered did you did not call for that one yet. also available, this ishematite, multi strand necklace, there is also a matching pan if that will work back to this but this is so pretty. >>guest: this has a lot of character i'd love this piece, we worked on this for a long time. and i have so good they
1:51 am
look and sharing a high in peace with you. this is not dead at the price point you will see at here. >>host: lutely fabulous. >>host: you can wear a long, you can put it with your herkimer , there's so many ways to wear it. 099-810 and and you love that in coming up now this is the christmas parties set she gave me this for christmas which is so sweet. get i warned us 100 times. >>host: so easy to wear. >>guest: >>host: 8 $9.90 in the bracelet is only $89.90. >>guest: the bracelet is stunning. i could
1:52 am
not do this preset at this price ever so enthralled, i was excited when you are neck-and-neck, handed down the walls ofhere hematite ground that we have formed into the ball by threading they are drilled and handed down the boss and they are the little tiny connex rondels of between and this is smooth onyx balls in it and the entire piece, it is not light weight. >>host: this bill to look so expensive and i thought that it is all real, as of genuine. you see in the market a lot that thing that i get excited about being able to bring you something is hip and trendy but real. >>host: the black onyx with the genuine hematite, all sterling silver,
1:53 am
french wires and i would recommend it. the hearing is a cookbook but it is smaller, i do not like it to sheet but it would be to have the perry ed >>guest: wanted to put the and of the end of it but we took out the human type of because hematite a metal base and is heavy. reducing the size of the ball so it is very comfortable. >>guest: >>host: so le so she can you can see on the rest,wrist. >>guest: i hit two fingers between the bracelet and mine, if the site of ankle switches that will tell you, i love this race that perry and >>host: we have shopping3 men say, we have laneywho
1:54 am
appreciates hearing this story of all the stones and then on days but we do have margin, june, judy, and antony says thank you for the long curve herkimer necklace she is in love. and if you are chatting with us, thank you so much if you are on face book, thank you for spending your neck with us if you are looking for something that is in no, there is something about the gray and black together but i wear so much like that i do think that is one of the reasons i wear so much. >>guest: of my closet, i have black, white, gray. c13 inject color. >>host:thathis creosote borgias. and >>guest: is fun to have a wardrobe's those colors because you can't just sit up with theirs are police. /
1:55 am
>>host: in is a one size fits most, there is play here because it is stretchy. >>guest: [laughter] ferris is the of bracelet that you do not have to pull to put on. you just will live on. this is super easy.i do love this lot so there is a wheat value, it is a gem and i do not ever get to ragi but this is a piece that i would keep outside of my jewelry box and where. ear it. low maintenance. this could be all dressed up or just fine for every day and another fabulous gift because it can fit, you do not have >>guest: to worry christmas card a party brain @ led sharon i had a girl who was a senior in high school grab my wrist
1:56 am
and say i went back to, and her mom put a few aside for me and i am going to get that far for christmas. this can transcend our gift-giving if we have a teenager that is interested in this same ps i am wearing. >>host: if you want your bracelet, hold on, we have hundreds of people on the phone , i we do have been necklace and kenneth that is pretty spectacular and this would make the most glamorous set , this necklace is a combination of their records and hematite, is four strand necklace, is a stand-alone perry again. >>guest: sparkle with a reflection if not more than a
1:57 am
faceted stone. get into you see how that is catching the light? it is a chic look. i am getting partial to the gunmetal look of- the stone hematite, and we have talked about that.3 >>host: then and this does have a combination of13 hematite beats, a long drop in this is a very few are lots of long necklaces with one drop and are always looks so chic. i love look. >>guest: it is simple elegance, it is basic simplistic but hopefully it is a kind of peace to put on but i want you to put the pieces that you to gather in your own way and feel like you are there. if you want with that kind of confidence that is what i call your outer sas.
1:58 am
>>guest: know how i feel when i put a pair of shoes on, and you put something you are excited to wear on, don't you fill little different? >>host: absolutely. yeah there is a necklace one more time. and then there is a time to be on the phone , 099-810. there is not to the 100 upton that is total for the necklaces and matching pendants. if you want to crack the bracelet and earrings that is still available. yet before we sign up for now, we will be back at the thing to offer more than 15,000 in the majority of these are spoken for but if you have ordered they are here and they're waiting for you who would love to send you a pair of these gorgeous earrings, $24.95 for two months and your credit card, 217-
1:59 am
396, they will come with their own stoppers, and the best part is that you will absolutely look and feel gasoline on and hearing that is as comfortable as you could ever possibly imagine. good to your phone if you have not caught yet, 217-396 will see back at noon eastern time we do have a big designer gallery event tomorrow. get >>guest:be back at noon we have fun stuff. >>host: emily and gems are to be back at 3 we will have fun tomorrow we will see led noon and in the meantime you can join us on and you can see anything you have thishe show and be sure to stay tune because lesley ann machado is standing by and she has a beautiful to look ratio available and we will see you at noon, think to everybody. >>host: good morning work cents hsn my name is lesley ann machado
2:00 am
and we've been talking herkimer court it is only fitting we are following up with diamonds it is our last caller diamond show of the year. this means clear and credible prices for you and take a look at some of the goodies you beenwill be looking at for this hour. we have the white diamond sterling silver butterfly ring and the price today is under hundred dollars and four flex pay net for this hour. you have the opportunity to pick this up of four flex pay net to 3:00 a.m. is available in that stunning red diamond copy blue diamond champagne. item 459-2 07 on this classic. how about $50 saving on the
2:01 am
fabulous rate you are seeing on our model and you seen this ring before the colors are brand-new because you are getting green and champagne diamond for a total carat weight of is off $50 and we only have hundred available is limited and if those are your callers if you love the dressing in neutrals and artie tolerance breeze as the ring for yearsrc colors this is a ring briaearthie colors is the ring for . item 162-955 0.53 carat
2:02 am
weight diamond inside/out sides sterling silver who gearings it is a stunner for the price $109.90 and 3 flexplay is available $46.63. we have two hours of fabulous colored diamonds for i want to come on this show with me is our testimony align please call us at that line 1-866-376-talk. whenever i am on air i love to hear from you so download6 c13 hsn mobile app by simply star start hsn or you can download the hsn app by simply picking it up and down bloating on your tablet or any of smart devices it is a fabulous way to shop and become part of our hsn family. would like deer, and so lets kids started it is our last colored diamonds for
2:03 am
the year and it is perfect for right in time of the holidays. we wanthear the stories and what have another colored diamond show until valentine's day in february. let started, so our first item is soy d powerful. we all love our jewelry because it means metamorphosis and change.someone who is going through a new beginning and what you have here our black diamonds, blue diamond's and champagne and yellow diamonds. this is a true piece it is item number 203-977 with a total terror wave of 0.49 carats it is made a sterling silver and you are getting an 18 in.
2:04 am
chain that is included in a box link chain. the price is only $189.90 with 4 flex payments of $47.48.this is a brand new item and even if you havely pendants this is different because it is of sundered a little bit and it is different and a13 fresher take a butterfly jewelry. notice how the mail is hidden the design and i really appreciated because you do not notice a big heavy bail. this makes the butterfly appear that is just floating your neckline. if you are new to hsn the way we get the opera is that you is we go through23 independent appraisers and we take the lowest appraised value. the
2:05 am
price i uk $506.10 are fabulous parts of shopping here hsn is for flex payments it is c13 likely away because we send it to you right away and you pay it and a couple several months. the rhodium is part of the platinum family and mrs. sparkle and it makes it looks so good at the diamonds is what a treat for any jewelry collector because you are getting diamonds that are incredibly rare and sort after. read that is so rare event most jewelers
2:06 am
have never seen one in person. those are big words when you think about it champagne and the blue diamond did so beautiful and sparkling. you have those black diamonds also which areimpressive and mysterious and is really a sweet piece but it is a sweet piece that has a level of sophistication.many ties with the butterfly jewelry but it may be a little bit too young or for a first-time jewelry collector but this is that sophisticated jewelry collector or woman. this is for that diamond a fascine not know that maybe 1 to collect diamonds. we have the last two hours of the colored diamonds for the year if someone to take advantage of it are item number here is 203-977 and it is
2:07 am
a brand new item. if i love that you are getting the chain included here is a box link chain and of course you can take pendant off to use a chain as to please thec13 give if you like and is four flexplay available for over four months and you are getting a piece that you will and treasurer for ever. if this is such as daughter now we are moving on to the white diamond sterling silver butterfly bring it is a customer pick and we a hundred reviews and you ladies are the boss here. if we people who are new13
2:08 am
values and that's how they shop. we can talk about things and love them because we are here, and touching them and seen them in person. but the only way to get a sense of that at home is by6 c13 customer review. this is a customer pick 4.6 stars and which are getting is a 32. carat weightsilver this does incredibly well withoutc13 four flexplay men's we do not need to help the swing out because it is our number one selling would rank in the butterfly design let's talk about the red diamond if you can come in close were you are seeing is a glorious red diamond and how often do you see of
2:09 am
red diamond. the most experience jewelers have not seen them in and how fabulous for under hundred dollars if you have the most commongorgeous red diamond said are approachable for you for under a hundred dollars. just about the blue diamond's an blue logemstone lumbar would this beautiful highet blue it of the most beautiful caribbean water is a stunner. how about the champagne is so pretty because it is a beautiful neutral with a buttery and creamy color of a gemstone there in diamonds. the black rhodium accenting on each of these wings and makes the color
2:10 am
of the simons really pop. you are also receiving sterling silver here with the rhodium plating and the option of the colored diamonds and help fabulous as that. if you read the reduce people just love the peace because of6 c13 first of all it is perfectly all day and and day out is the most precious ring and i 2 because of the size. maybe your grandmother who is getting a granddaughter started their first story collection or maybe you were looking for the perfect piece of that is ageless. it is ageless because it is perfectly suited for us jewelry collectors.maybe you are a new jewelry collector you cannot be this price with all these precious said diamonds is really beautiful of the size. the space is
2:11 am
veryble endurable and since diamonds were discovered they have been valued not only for their brilliance but not only for the way that they reflect the light because of their fire if but because of their strength and durability. you can wear this every single day and it is under $100 and we have paid myself included $99 fashion jewelry and we love our passion jewelry. we have found a we cannot live a fashion jewelry said this is the perfect item because you have their bearer diamondsthat are colored and fancy the sterling silver said.6 c13 wanted to check those customer reviews if you access to a computer because they're so helpful and beneficial. this is a sweet ring that has liked to read and one show you please take a look at this, you can see
2:12 am
different levels of dimension you see the bigger wings that are slightly elevated the smaller wings are on the bottom and notice how it has an galleries of the light just bloods in there and making the diamonds fiery and smake it sparkling with fire. if you are looking for that one of a kind gift that is so special and has a story behind it and my goodness these diamonds are rare this is coin to be the one for you that will not break the going to be the one for you that will not break your bank. ge of the 4 flex payments if we
2:13 am
do have all sizes available and all colors still available. choose your color and in joy this ring we have 142 still available once they are gone and they are gone. can you imagine with all the jewelry that we see day in and day out this is our number one seller and that speaks volumes. of rain that is sweet precious and every day wear herbal it just looks pretty. if you look at it from afar and looks like a pile of around your finger in is just beautiful. number is207 is our customer pick theirst selling, if you are loving
2:14 am
our model andrea's bracelet and i chose to for it 0 and i understand this is certainly+ investment piece. the price6 c13 with four flexplay men's of 109 $9.90.709 $9.90. 90¢..99 and i love this beautiful bracelet id is available for use as well. this this is classic art deco is a carrot of white spinelblacks canal and
2:15 am
white diamond you have the drama of the black spinel and you have the glamour and fire of the white is a tripledesign and the palo its sits on a bigger so it hugs the the finger beautifully. this ring is incredibly and at brite in time for the holidays your points what to wear this everywhere. this is brand new for you in as itemv#203-975. if you are loving that art deco feel, how aboutgreat geometric shape it is almost like a scalloped marquee shape. it has also the colored diamonds and you can choose from the champagne or blue diamonds. i will give you a heads up becauseanything you see
2:16 am
with blue in this entire two- hour block is very limited. the champagne is prefer that person who wears neutrals all the time it is it absolutely as stunner is elongated and you can get this with boot 4 flex payments of $94.98. this is all holiday price today and you should check the appraisal value appraised at over a thousand dollars. what do we have it is wonderful to be shopping diamond's board looking for that special gift and to get those great deals and such a joy. we are now moving on to the butterfly earings and if you are not the ring type of girl because13 should do the butterfly bring these are the matching earrings. maybe your person that works for your hands and my mom
2:17 am
worked in food preparation for many years at a hospital. maybe you do not wanna ring because you are too broad forehands so how about a earing they are so sweet. they have a sprinkling the blue and white diamonds and they are pierced with a lever backs. i wanna show you how they're open in the gallery as well as all the beautiful light will flutter in and make those diamonds look like sparkle will lightand light up. this is first time at this low price of $50 saving and we have here c13 perfect symbolic nature of the butterfly it doesn't matter who you are for some reasonen the c a butterfly for slaughter by any stoppage to doing to us to take a peek
2:18 am
because their magical and they're here when second and gone the next. butterfly that they just letter by an inmate can smile and then they're gone. the price is unbelievable today at off. some of c13 pieces you'll be seeing at hour block will not be accessible to us especially at this time of the year or where practically done with the holiday shopping. unless you are shopping for your heirloom piece or a family a state piece you may not be able to access those higher-priced items. at this at $139.90 you are talking about these rare blue and white
2:19 am
diamond butterfly earrings and this is just fine because collar is also powerful. just imagine these hearings with us set of genes there also appropriate for work wheeling high of the blue available it has reduced its the customer pick among customers such as the symbolistssymbolism i. available in size 7 or 8 and if you are
2:20 am
thinking about this again in the ordering process because there are almost gone and the size 7 or 8. you can also order 3 mobile devices tablet and of course some of you3 shot by remote.if you see any indication to shop on your television screen you have the access to shop by remote. so the colors of red and blue diamonds are most limited and champagne will be your best bet but do not lose hope the issue so have the opportunity to pick this up and this red is to so glorious. this looks like the most magnificent fiery red and it can look like mexican fire opalser. this piece if you love contemporary pieces how about this letter here? i think this is so special because it is a lot of sterling silver
2:21 am
it has fabulous metalwork fair and it is almost like being grave brushwork on the sterling silver you can choose the blue diamond word the champagne and mrs. $200 off today on this fabulous ring. look at that it is so and sexy. in almost a second course ring with two overlapping circles and bypass design as well. i said the blue is the most limited, so if you are shopping blue diamond's this morning this is gosh $200 off today with 60 quantity available that is all we left. item numbervis 148-6 c13 fabulous contemporary and starlet. have been here an hsn this is one of my favorite pieces since the start working year. this
2:22 am
is so fabulous lookit the crimson red of that beautiful and it is over 2 group b with the black men if you are looking for a way to express love for your ladies' are looking for unique engagement ring this is the one for you.also, look to the gallery as a hard it is on for flex payments of $42.48 the price $169.90. item #930- 931 and we our good friend brett chukerman with the hsn spotlight. >>host: welcome to your go to guide things hsn.
2:23 am
if you are looking for a fabulous new pair shoes or as a guest now is the time to to our hsn website to check out free shipping select shoes or favor brands like sam, steve madden and more. this offered does exclude clearance so check us out right here and hsn.t hsn. [commercial]
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[reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: lovely andre and this morning good morning she is
2:25 am
looking spectacular as usual.thank you for joining hear us here at hsn. whenever do jewelry i am and so much love. my husband 0 eyes acetate really, you are not purchasing clothes or something else. we are the most powerful retailer in this country countryand this means we have some really good values.take a look of this fabulousvzirconbracelet. we a 6 in. 7 in. wrist and when you have here is a fabulous take on a diamond bracelet. when i saw this i
2:26 am
was so happy because many of you already have tennis bracelets and have collections of jewelry but this one is brash and it is timeless and you have all of fabulous colored diamonds here. when you have here our 75.character of diamonds. you the brand champagne, white zircon which has next to the diamond at the misfiring and brilliant sparklespecialty piece. this is a app stefani a investment piece but many of you only by pieces like or buy pieces that will be your family estate
2:27 am
pieces. this is such a fabulous price because take a look at the value which appraised over $2,000 but because of our hsn buying power and relationship with our jewellers stonecutters we can't offer prices like this. the price is 709 $9.90 and this is one of the most magnificen$799.99. 0. you also have the extended return policy which means that you can't return until january 31st of 2013.if you are shopping for yourself or for that very set up special someone you love you have
2:28 am
january 31st to figure out if you want this and that this is a keeper. the picture doesn't no justice because the truth is it is incredibly delicate and beautiful and if you are into symbolism i love circles because they symbolize antthony maybe you are looking for that special piece and watched you receive the ruffled overclass is always a nice touch this is brand new for you it is item13 with over three carats of precious time and stones. the sec's one is so very precious a ring that he may have seen before but the when you seen
2:29 am
before is the champagne with the blue diamond's and said that one is already a customer pick on website. it is truly spectacular but this color combination here is brand new u.s. never seen one and my goodness isspectacular because you have champagne and green diamonds. if you read up on diamonds you will know that green diamonds are incredibly rare. i just wanna say when you see the shot% you will notice the meticulous work that this frankring took to set the kit
2:30 am
the open gallery solve all the light will fly the endflood green it is my favorite color and there is nothing like taking a walk outside amongst the trees and grass and you come home if you feel and integratedintegrate invigorated. if you are loving the green diamond and champagne we have a hundred and 19 available119 available. this is the real thing and i know many
2:31 am
you will wear anything but a real thing and youre gem collector junot quality jewelry we cannot fool you and we always think you for shopping us for that long time. look these beautiful earthy tones and when you think about every single stone has to match and has to be hand saidet. one of our jewelry designers says he has to pay one of this setters $12 per padre diamonds to set in the ring and when you think about it and do the math each stone the
2:32 am
jeweler setter charges to send every single stock and when you think about all of the diamonds you have here is close to a carrot one you can do the math and see how manymuch it would cost to set a diamond ring such as this can get your hands on this when we13 100 now available they're going quickly and i think you for your phone calls i do believe you will love it.i am more to show you
2:33 am
this on my finger because it is so special and unique. look at that designed is puffed up and its dimensional. remember in has a beautiful open gallery and remember these ring designers they know what they're doing believed that the gallery opened so that all the light floods and and eliminates lights of the diamond so that they sparkled and refract the light. check out our holiday price we have $50 also is available at 209 $9.90. you also have 4 flex payments available $74.98 and are blue diamond will be the first to go if you love that blue diamond with a champagne and are loving the green
2:34 am
with the champagne ring we do have more quantities of that but we only have 100 of those available as well. this is a very important piece here it is pop's centered and hand said gemstone is there with the 4 flex payments and makes it irresistible. this is not catch it is so smooth that is how beautifully set each and every diamond is on this morning and look at that appraisal value that is our most modest price we receive for this ring at $620 and this price is truly fabulous it is a holiday price to go if you are looking for a special gift for yourself or for that person you would door or love and diamonds or the way to go.since diamonds have been discovered millions of years ago they have been cherished for the resilience,
2:35 am
fire and strength. people because they're symbolic of longevity and they symbolized wealth and glamour. this is a forever piece and that is richer getting here.what you are getting here. we are now less than a hundred available in these and if you watching the blue with the champagne you absolutely must jump in on this because they are the first to go. taken manager of the $50 off for holiday pricing 4 flex payments available for u.s. $74.98.the blue is a customer pick as it sped along longer and the
2:36 am
green and champagne is a new configuration and mimegreen if you are loving this blue there are to go around. do not underestimate the green with the beautiful earthy colors. my husband only wears dark colors such asc13 black, gray and fred but i like my light colors such as ivoire campbell colors and i think this will absolutely be is for the neutral lover. okay, we are
2:37 am
on to another stunner and i love that we have something for everyone here.6 c13 you are of a loverc13 of jewelry and historical pieces of other eras you will fall in love with this art deco style ring. this is brand new for you here today as well and what you have a fabulous art deco bring with white diamond and blacks banal. it in geometrical and almost as a honeycomb design it is very graceful looking because it is elongated along with your also fits finger so beautifully and comfortably. i love that it is a classic black-and-white ring so that you can never go wrong with black-and-white you will get so much where and that is what you want when
2:38 am
you are picking a true diamond peace. diamonds are meant to be worn are the most durable gemstone out there and they drank at 10 on the 10 scale and that is the highest number you can get when they comethe durability of the gemstone. this means you can wear your pieces in confidence and let's talk about blacks banal and they come in many colors canalspinels and they, and many callers. spinels are also durable you all have to worry about the stones cheeping these to
2:39 am
day @ four flex payments $87.48. the item number 203- special and powerful piece of jewelry because even if you see an art deco and you know much about jewelry you will not be able to identifythe art deco pieces because they are geometric and different. the art deco pieces for jewelry lover that does not like the ordinary pieces and when something different and bold. i love this design because it is almost like a knuckle to knuckle ring and you will not even feel that it is on your finger. i love the
2:40 am
trauma of the black and white because black for instance almost -- trauma of the black and white. i want to give you a reminder of this ring because it is going so and thank you for your calls. this is a customer pick at item number 930-931 and my sister was bornjuly she absolutely loves jewelry and this is a to karen ruby and black and white diamond ring. it is on sterling silver and it is appraised value $425. you can pick this up today $169.90 and that is not a color treated ruby is a powerful
2:41 am
blood red ruby that screams passion it is just gorgeous. you are looking for some fabulous jewelryearrings these are blue topaz and diamond drop earrings set for the holiday price of 209 $9.90 and the item number is160. take a look at the fabulous hsn of $299.90. they're beautiful classic design and there is the backside their left opens you to get the true brilliance of each and every stone there. what a classic and they are great for the special
2:42 am
occasions it is really pretty and feminine.coming up next hour to what love my buckled brings? i love them because they are historic and if you love in study the design their very contemporary, clean and start looking. how about this?6 c13 italian looking and health fabulous. these are colored and white diamond and the prices $119.90. you cannot be that price you have colored rare diamonds with an unbelievable price and those for flex payments. this is a little confusing but a 122 bear with me this is toffee collar which is almost like the champagne also have available in the red, cocoa and
2:43 am
below. the cocoa and the toffee colors are similar but if you want the champagne looking diamond. i am sorry there is a mistake there is no toffee colored is a is the cocoa colored diamonds. stay with us we have lots more colored diamonds coming up. [commercial]
2:44 am
[reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: well a very good morning to france. thanks for tuning in tomachado and this the last color diamond show for the year. we will not have any
2:45 am
colored diamonds until february so if you are looking for that special piece are our holiday shopping this is your last opportunity with the fabulous prices and buckskin and spirit i shirt love flex payments.hen i love about13 inside/as size sterling silver hoop earrings outside sterling silver hoop earrings. i always try to get the look of a spark sparkle lead blocked but this is the real thing and how fabulous you y look and how fabulous that you have the opportunity
2:46 am
to purchase the real thing. has basically because it is left open and it looks like it is covered in diamonds as well but it is a optical illusion but you have the diamond just along the front and the inside of the hoops.and show you the size of these because size of cuves for many of you is very important and this is a one and a inch in length and 1 and 316 in diameter. this is sterling silver with the rhodium back and all those wonderful diamond center, a set. join and catch closure. it has a joinand
2:47 am
and catchclosures. the gem logical institute of america says that women should want teint jewelry items one of them is the hoop earrings, one is a stud hearing feea i go to hearing
2:48 am
when you are running out of the door at its the hearing when you do not know what to wearof the door. i was going to holiday party the other day and i did not have the hearing that wanted so i just grabbed a hoop always look pulledr and smart and you always look fresh. the crew pairing is always appropriate and it is something about the coup during that makes it wear herbal. if you are even wearing+ or a t-shirt with flip-flops' you can wear a of fruit parings and a look great. earrings. but the food earing can go with it
2:49 am
is essential it is any jewelry lumbar classic piece. if you need cool hearing this is sterling silver dipped in the rhodium which the silver more durable and lustrous. you have that with all those diamonds a $60 saving over a half carried of diamonds and that is it that the steel. also, add to that the 3 flex payments which makes it so doable. if you are shopping for someone you love our love story this is an ageless piece jewelry and all you have to know is whether or not they have their ears pierced. you cannot go wrong with the genuine pair of diamond hoop earrings it is a home run you will get it right every single time. the
2:50 am
item number is 162- 955 is a classic heat hearingearring. i also wanted to point out that this was the lowest price we have ever been able to offer for item and it since it is our last colored for the year but because it is thecolored diamond and show of the year we can bring you these fabulous prices so get in on the fabulous white diamond hoop earrings here. thing for yourself or jewelry collection boards for that person you love. work,
2:51 am
schoolboy imitation you are going to look great every single time with these hoop earrings. this ring a look spectacular with a cocktail dress or even just denim. if you are if the about your diamonds but you are shoppingor this holiday season you should go for the sterling silver and diamonds right here for $140. these have been appraised for $450 and this is our most modest appraisal value.we go to three independent appraisers and this was theest value we've received for these spectacular sterling silver hoop earrings. you can
2:52 am
shop for mobile devices support is to cents website if you are not getting through your phone lines. okay this is out of the world grain and i think you will agree when you see it in person or in my hand. item number is 203- 972 it is brand new for you today it a 1.1 carat weight and has been appraised over thousand dollars but take a look at our holiday price we have taken off a hundred dollars off our hsn price. this ring is also available with 4 flex paymentsan pick up this ring in either the champagne or blue diamond ring. . you are seeing
2:53 am
this3 on our model andrea and she is wearing a fabulous screen dress so you can see that the option there on the champagne diamond but if you are loving the blue diamond that is the first to go. if you notice there is a marquise-shaped and the top part of it is elevated in the center and then you have the second layer and a third later and then take a look at the gallery in almost looks like lace. look at the under gallery isn't that pretty? i know many of you might say who cares about the under gallery but the truth of it is that this fine jewelry but maybe they are not in
2:54 am
miring be under gallery when people are checking out your rank you know it is there and you paid good money for the workmanship. the marquise-shaped is also classic and never goes out of style. this almost like a scalloped marquees and i loved the the lines have a curse. this ring fits beautiful onve/. this has an estate or antique look to and many people are looking for those pieces that will be your family estate pieces. this screen simi a stapes and we only have 65 left and seeing that number on your screen is very limited with
2:55 am
first blue diamond ring will be the first to go. i know that manyof you are charging very expensive prices the quality is not that great if you go to a regular jewelry show. stor stores .remember every single stone had to be had selected enhance said it is time consuming and it handset perfectly so there's no catching our polling. there's so much work ethic goes into creating a piece like this and if you are a lover of london blue topaz isn't that the most exquisite c13 is truly picks was
2:56 am
then an extraordinary. i love the black rhodium accent and it just gives the bring a dimension and dapepth.even at the same ring is to different looks and it almost looks like the evil eye matif that is lototif that we see a lot. this is really a specialand please take advantage of the four flex pay men's because we do not offer it all the time. we only have 60 available now so i want you to a vantage and get on it now. is anybody chatting here know you
2:57 am
are there simply is, and if you are chatting it is really easy to do that you can go ahead and download the free act on your mobile device or in your tablet. it is really easy to be part of the hsn show or family. if we also have the testimony of talkline open for you 1-866-376-talk. tablet we like about our hsn it is one of the most cherished and treasured gemstones and all of and now we are moving on to a very fresh and contemporary ring. we have exact and the muslims did is in the below. we'll have the dozen and the blue diamond at one show you all
2:58 am
thend you know that silver is one of the most malleable metal so it is so easy to that fine detail in silver because it is a soft metal. to a fine brush work is an easy to do and then you have all of the meticulously palgrave placepac padre diamonds. we have taken $200 off as a discount because they're so limited and is the first time with ever offered this at this low price it is a bold and stunning brain. this ring is powerful. bissell separate
2:59 am
work of art and it is just a contemporary and fabulous design. it is also and we are calling in a cigar band ring but i know what should be afraid because many times with cigar rings they're not comfortable but this is not it is tapered and the bottom it has perfect comfort and its everyday wear herbal. remember your diamonds are meant to warned and they want to be worn it they're incredibly resilient with $2 off. 00 off.all right it, it is time for a quick presentation it is so and looked at the beautiful color combination and palette. you have

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